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Different venues for picking up women


There has been a lot of suggestions on how to pick up women at different venues. Some tips have been known to work like magic while others hardly gets you a first date let alone a fake phone number. Here are some of the tips on how to pick up women at different venues:

Bars and clubs

These venues have been used by men since time immemorial to pick up women. As soon as you spot the object of your desire, you should come up with a strategic plan on how to approach her It is a common belief that most women who go to bars or clubs are looking for a little something something This, however, is usually not always the case . The woman may just want to let off some steam from work for example. Therefore, you should not jump into conclusions and start making inappropriate advances.
The first step of picking up the woman is by ordering the waiter to give her another drink. Observe her reaction from a distance. If she flashes a smile towards your direction then you are good to go. However, if she gives you a cold stare, then you better look for another target and start the whole procedure again. If more than five women have rejected your advances, then you better go home and rest…Women-Approach-You-First


Who doesn’t love parties? The interesting thing about parties is that at least half of the guests are total and complete strangers. You might have invited, say 20 of your friends, but at the end of the night you bump into new faces. The good news is that most of the strangers are usually women. If you are the one hosting the party, you should be a gentleman and show the lady around the house. Who knows? Maybe she would request you to give her a tour to the master bedroom.

Grocery stores

Women are usually intrigued by men who buy their own grocery. It gives them a feeling that the man is capable of providing for his family. If your sole purpose for going to the grocery store is to pick up a woman, then the first thing to do is to scan the store. Once you have seen a woman that you like, take a basket and dump a few items on it as you walk towards her Ask for her help in choosing two similar items that is of different brands. After she helps you choose, thank her for saving your life and take her number so that you two could “have coffee sometime”.


If you are on a quest to pick up a woman, then parks are a great venue to start. However, this venue is a bit tricky since most people go there to relax. The first thing to do is to read the body language of the woman. If she is accommodating you might just get lucky. Nonetheless, if she doesn’t feel like talking, sit beside her and keep quiet. Here, you’ll have to learn how to be silent. If you are a very talkative person, then count one to a million in your mind if you have to. The reward for your silence will be great don’t you worry. At the back of her mind she will think you are the most understanding man ever to fall on the face of the earth. Which woman wouldn’t want to be with such a man.


Wedding ceremonies are the best venues to pick up women. The single ladies are always overjoyed but deep inside they are envious of the bride. Most of them start fantasizing of their dream wedding too. At this juncture, they will easily fall into the arms of any man who shows interest. But you have to be very careful. Not all women who fight for the flowers thrown by the bride is desperate for a man. Some of them just like fighting and giggling.

The first step in picking up a woman at a wedding is to once again read her body language. You should learn to interpret a woman’s body language since it usually tells it all The wedding reception is the best venue to observe, approach and conquer.

How to pick up women on the street


Having a partner is a lovely thing that everyone looks forward to having. Men around the world have their lives revolving around football, love, money and women. You must have what it takes to pick up a woman from the streets. Men and everyone for that matters fear rejection. To men, it lowers their ego, and nothing is devastating to a man than to have his ego hurt. So how do you pick a woman from the street and strike a deal? Men every day are walking down the street seeing women who steal their hearts but let them just go.

According to tao of badass dating guide stopping a woman and trying to pick up a conversation is a big no because the woman is already on her duty or mission to somewhere. Stopping her will look as if you are wasting here precious time You can opt to follow her as being on the street means that she is headed somewhere close where she can afford to walk. However, don’t make the mistake of stalking her You end up catching her and offer yourself to accompany her in the pretense that you are headed in that direction. Women love attention and offer her that as you walk along the street. In case you don’t catch up with her, am sure her destination isn’t far. Wait for her to get to a place and maybe order something. As she waits to get served, it’s your opportunity to hit and strike a conversation.

Your mind must be prepared to meet a new woman in the streets and hence being positive is one step forward in helping you pick up a woman in the street. You will get prepared and knowing what kind of woman you would like to pick. I am sure you won’t go picking every type of woman as this might be disastrous as not all women are the same in terms of class and status as well as taste. It helps in having your aerial well set to scan for the woman you want to pick.

Be presentable will increase and boost your confidence and, above all, look and be on purpose. No woman wonder like to be picked up by a man who seems he has no purpose or vision for life. Have a kind of destination in mind in that you have a place you will go after you have picked a woman in the street. You don’t of course intend to hold a conversation in the street. No woman will take you seriously.

Striking a conversation in a crowded street is also another way of picking a woman from the street. As you walk along the street, ask for her opinion on interesting topics like weather, football, congestion in the city and the like. Asking for her opinion shows that you value her, and everyone needs that; feeling valued and wanted. You will find that before you are through to the next side of the street, the woman will be interested in your as long as you had a hearty chat along the street. Every woman on the street has at one time or another been approached and hence using the regular pick-up lines makes her feel sick.

Last but not the list, be sure to cut a line between a friendly pick up of a woman and sexual harassment. Don’t cross that line because instead of picking up a woman in the street, the law enforcers will be picking you up. Go with an open mind and where the woman sends the no signs, don’t advance further.

How to pick up women at work


Picking up women at a working place is easier than picking up people at a bar or at a club.The reason for these are many. The main reason why it is easier to pick up a woman at work place is that the guy knows his area, in other words, hes in a comfortable zone. There are many of us who feel shy to approach women in a pub or a bar. But at workplace it is much easier because the person is acquainted to the girl. Here are a few tips to pick up girls at a work place:

1. If you re have just joined your work, start with a few hi and hellos, casual handshake would be fine. Don’t rush into things. Come on!you will be seeing the girl the next day too.

2. Help her out with her work: If you have finished your work, the show some chivalry and get try helping her out with her work.

3. Buy coffee:Buying coffee for her an be the sweetest gesture that any “gentleman” can think of. Not everyday…but on certain days

4.Make plans for Fridays: If its the first Friday then make plans in a group. However after say 3 to 4 Fridays, go alone with her for a candle light or even clubbing.

5. Suit up:Dress to impress..lf a girl is interested in you , the first thing that she is going to notice about you are your clothes. So suit up and look dashing.

6. Read her body language: observe what she does when she talking to you. are her toes facing you when you are taking to her, does she touch you casually on your shoulder while talking to you,does she she play with her hair and earrings.all these are signs that shes pretty much into you.

7.Drop her home or wherever she is staying: don’t ask your friend or a cab driver to drop her home. take the responsibility to take her home.

8. Don’t go just blabbering about your own self.And since you are working at the same place, there will be lots to talk about. share her problems. in this world there is just one George Clooney. He can just go on the first day to office and pick up any girl. But then we are ofcourse nowhere close to him. So try following the above rules. have patience..its going to take time. But it will work out.

how to pick up women at clubs


Is it hard to pick up women ? N000 ! it’s actually very simple and fun , and i’rn going to explain everything you need to know in this article .

Before we get into specifics , let’s clear something that most guys don’t understand when partying at a club . Night clubs require you to be louder , riskier , and more aggressive in a good way of course . Picking up women at night club is so much different than outside of it , it’s much easier ! Think of it this way , if you’d normally need an hour outside the nightclub for picking up a woman , you’d only need 5 minutes if you were in a night club. So let’s get started on the important stuff… – Cleaning yourself and smelling good is critical ! before leaving your house take a shower and clean yourself, put on some good deodorant coz all the body movements and dancing in the club will make you sweat and you don’t want your sweat to smell bad ! The Club Waiting Line : this is the most important part ! , most people would think that they should start approaching women after they get in the club but there’s a secret tip that’ll make picking women up much easier ! , dont just wait in the line doing nothing before going in the club ! the waiting line is the best place to start a convo with a woman , coz you’re all feeling bored and doing nothing but wait till you can enter the club , so you should find a hot woman and start a simple convo with her , leave the flirting for the inside !lust make it a simple fast convo so when you’re on the dance floor and you see the woman shell be more welcoming to your advances. -Entering The Club : When you enter the club don’t stand still in the middle of the club staring at everybody like a serial killer who’s looking for his next victim , not only you’re wasting your time but girls hate guys who act like weirdos and it shows them that you lack confidence which is a big turn off !

– Approaching the girl : You have 2 ways to approach women at a night club but first you should know that picking up women at a night club is totally different than on the street , in the night club you’ve gotta be aggressive and cut right to the chase . so the first way to approach a girl is at the bar where the music won’t be too loud ! , spot a hot girl at the bar , make sure she’s alone , sit next to her , order her a drink , and just tell her your intentions ! an example of what you might say ” we’re going to talk for 10 mins and well be making out after” . Confidence is the key ! if you’re confidence shell probably laugh or show you that she’s interested . The second way is talking to her in loud setting , you approach the woman and start talking She’ll just stand there staring at you because she have no freaking idea what the hell you’re telling her so you take your hand and round it gently around her ear ! you dirty-minded freak , and talk in a low voice , you don’t have to make her deaf , just talk normally.

Shell be able to hear your voice clearly and i don’t know why it works but it really does ! if she’s smiling continue talking to her and soon you’ll be talking in her mouth instead .

To sum up you should know that you won’t be doing anything sexual the moment you enter the club , women like to play it slow and you have to play along and the last tip that you should really stick to is CONFIDENCE ! BE CONFIDENT DUDE ! and good luck !

6 points to remember on a Friday night out


You are a cool person.You claim that going to a bar and just be your inner “Attie” is not always easy though.ln fact,at times,it can be a complete disaster.You can admit it,we’re all friends here.There is a rumor that women are so disturbingly complicated that a man will never understand her,even if he already has tons of experience.And that’s probably true.For all the wrong reasons.I am a girl,and although I do not like to give you ammo to use against my fellow female friends,’ have a lot of guy friends by now and I think it is time to set the record straight.The first thing you have to know for most women is the fact that they love lists.I am making one and you can print it before Friday night.

1.If you’re just looking for an one-night stand,pick a girl wisely.lf you are good at observing the details and the body language,it is pretty obvious that some women want the same thing for the night (and it’s good for them cause I know you are not a sexist).The fact that every woman needs some kind of romantic lie just to have sex is not always true.Some do though,and some want a “notebook-ish” romance.lf you’re willing to try,you will guess that right I think.

2.Unlike what most think,and after hour-long conferences with my best friends,it is safe to say that women hate staring.lt is creepy.It’s always been.lt always will be.You have come at the bar with friends,just to have fun.Be careful because if we suspect that you are out targeting anything that moves,it’s definately a big turn off.

3.If you see a group of friends and you only want to talk to one girl among them,try not to be rude.It’s a fine line between being polite with everyone but that someone stands out for you,and to seem that you target every girl in the group because “you don”t really want to focus too much and lose other chances.

4.What can destroy your game is the fact that you are trying too much with too many girls in the bar.You know,the blonde over there has already seen you trying to get the bartender’s number.So again,focus.

5.Don’t get too drunk. Seriously.

6.Be polite,be funny,blush even.Find an insignificant reason to talk or just go straight ahead and introduce yourself.But whatever you do,don’t you ever use pick up lines.Not one,not ever. Please. PS.The rumor that says that you have to get her number but not call her immediately is probably true.Sadly,women do tend to be drawn to those who keep them guessing.And every time something like this happens,Simon de Beauvoir screams a little from heaven,but frankly,that’s not the point.

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